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Natural silk

Unlike traditional plastic floss, Harper floss is made from 100% organically natural silk, derived from real silkworms. This process results in a lower carbon-footprint compared to standard floss.

Completely Biodegradable

When you finish flossing, do you know where that strand ends up? Floss that’s made from plastic ends up in the landfill or in the ocean, where it will take thousands of years to break down, destroying our ecosystem. Because Harper floss is derived from organically natural silk, it’s fully compostable and can be returned directly back to nature.

No plastic ever

We’ve looked at every part of the supply chain to ensure that Harper floss subscriptions minimize impact to the environment.

Our floss

Our floss

It’s strong

Natural silk fibre is 1000 times more efficient by weight than the types of plastics used to produce common floss. To ensure your floss doesn’t break while flossing, make sure you take a long enough length so that, as you floss, you can use a fresh segment every few teeth.

It’s waxed

Harper floss is treated with wax to allow it to slide smoothly between touching teeth, while also improving the feel against your gums.

It’s flat

Through a proprietary spinning process, we’ve produced a floss that possesses both a flat and textured surface. This enhances your ability to grab food and debris better than traditional floss, and covers more surface area of your tooth.

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