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Essential Edition

A minimal glass vessel that lives anywhere and goes everywhere. Comes with a 33-yard spool of pure silk floss, get refills delivered right to your door like magic.

Delivered once Delivered once
Delivered every year Delivered every 2 months
1Glass vessels w/ Floss$18.00
2Floss spools$17.00
TOTAL $35.00
1Glass vessels w/ Floss$11.52
2Floss spools$10.88
TOTAL $35.00
$22.40 $12.60
$22.40 $12.60
1Glass vessels w/ FlossFree!
12Floss spools$102.00 $45.00
TOTAL $120.00
$45.00 $12.60
$45.00 $12.60
1Glass vessels w/ Floss--
2Floss spools$10.88
TOTAL $17.00
$10.88 $6.12
$10.88 $6.12
1Glass vessels w/ Floss--
2Floss spools $45.00
TOTAL $45.00 $-28.00

How it all goes down

Why you’ll love our floss

It’s strong

Natural silk fibre is 1000 times more efficient by weight than the types of plastics used to produce common floss. To ensure your floss doesn’t break while flossing, make sure you take a long enough length so that, as you floss, you can use a fresh segment every few teeth.

It’s waxed

Harper floss is treated with wax to allow it to slide smoothly between touching teeth, while also improving the feel against your gums.

It’s flat

Through a proprietary spinning process, we’ve produced a floss that possesses both a flat and textured surface. This enhances your ability to grab food and debris better than traditional floss, and covers more surface area of your tooth.

Frequently asked questions

The USA and Canada

Of course you can, but why would you?

Choose the subscription that’s right for you and your family.  Every 2 months you’ll receive a package in the mail that contains floss that will last you for 2 months.  If you need to adjust the amount of floss you’re receiving, you can easily do that in your customer portal.

Completely free, always and forever.

Our floss is made of 100% pure silk.

Simply visit your customer portal page (you’ll be provided with a link)

Absolutely, simply select “one-time purchase” on the shop page.

Within 3 business days.

Not at this time, but let us know if you need it in a special hurry to and we’ll see what we can do!

Because of the nature of the product we cannot accept returns, that said, if the product you receive is defective or broken in some way please email us at and we’ll do everything we can to make it right.

Sure do!

Send us a message with a description and photo of the defect or damage and we’ll reach back out to let you know next steps.

Not at this time, but working on it!

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